Coxswain’s Own Bag in Box 5.8% ABV 3,5,10 and 20 Litre


The Coxswain’s Own 5.8% ABV

Medium Sweet and easy drinking, this cider is great for every occasion

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Our Medium Sweet Cider made exclusively from apples picked in Cornwall

Made for drinking!

AT 5,8% this cider is a little lighter than our Flagship Cornish Farmhouse. With a careful balance of sweetness, sharpness and tannin it is full of flavour but not over baring

Best Paired with the Classic Fish and Chips

The name comes from our Great, Great* Grandfather James Hill the Coxswain of Porthoustock lifeboat who famously continued to rescue people from the Sea well in to his 60’s

Click here for more on him

*Number of greats depends on which generation you area talking to

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3L £15.00, 5L £24.00, 10L £42.50, 20L £70.00


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